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Profile of the company

Business company Credit Genero s.r.o. provides its clients with full service in the field of economic and legal advisory with goal to optimally improve payment discipline of client's business partners and to maximize the recoverability of his receivables, particularly by use of effective legal institutes and by thorough examination and following evaluation of financial status of potential client's business partners.

Besides the economic and legal recovery service we provide management of client's receivables after the due date for the purpose of their full satisfaction. Within the process of recovery of each single receivable the company Credit Genero s.r.o. performs a detailed analysis of its enforceability, and depending on its outcome, individually selects the procedures leading to full recovery of receivable and subsequently performs all steps towards the satisfaction of client's right. Company Credit Genero s.r.o. by regular reports on the status of receivable provides to client complete overview of the stage of its recovery.


Assets Management

Thanks to rich experience we flexibly react in case of announcement of bankruptcy or authorization of restructuring of client's debtor. Company Credit Genero s.r.o. cooperates with renowned law firms, distrainer and notary offices, which services completes with own activity according to individual client's needs, by which it increases success in the protection and realization of his interests.


Distressed assets

Part of our services is also investing in distressed assets, which financial situation may be financially distressed due to number of reasons, ranging from adverse market conditions to company's financial insolvency. The most common reason is the inability to pay bank loan, high debt service or the drop of customers. Investing in distressed assets generally requires the knowledge of the particular market segment and especially proper implementation of recovery measures, which will revitalize the company and allow it to continue its business undertaking. In this process we apply number of strategies, ranging from debt restructuring, change of suppliers to other appropriate measures.



Credit Genero s.r.o.
Lazovná 58
974 01 Banská Bystrica
Slovak Republic
ID No.: 45 485 593
VAT: 2023 001 585
19°9’3.70‘‘ E

ID VAT: SK 2023 001 585

Registered in the Commercial Register of District Court Banská Bystrica, section: Sro, insert No.: 17975/S

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